Why marriage coaching?

We are both credentialed and certified as life and marriage coaches. For years we have counseled, spoken to and developed resources for marriages and now are stewarding this next decade to move close to a handful of couples to coach them personally in their marriages. A marriage coach comes alongside a couple to help them reach their potential in their marriage. We believe you would agree with us that marriages are a fundamental building block to our society. You likely would also agree that there have been times you have taken a look "under the hood" of your marriage and wondered "could it be better?" "Is there more?" "What if we were teachable and could really take our present "good marriage" to "great" by getting up close and personal coaching from America's Family Coaches.  Marriage Coaching is for any couple in a marriage that wants to experience all marriage is is intended to be. And the beauty of marriage coaching is we can do it from anywhere: on the phone, teleconference, or at times even in person!

For us to maximize the results of our time together you need to know that we are willing to pull out all the stops to help you have a great marriage. We will work together to find solutions that work in YOUR life. We will personalize every session. There's no "one size fits all" in marriage coaching. We will challenge you, stretch you and pray that at the end of the day you will be experiencing more than you ever could have imagined in your marriage!

What is Marriage Coaching?

A certified life and marriage coach is a credentialed professional that has extensive training and education. The Board of Christian Life Coaching is affiliated with the over 5,000 member International Christian Coaching Association and the nearly 50,000 member American Association of Christian Counselors. A marriage coach helps you identify goals, coaches you on how to achieve said goals and helps hold you accountable. It is distinctive from counseling in that counseling helps you "look in the rearview mirror" where as coaching helps you "look forward." Counseling is a vital aspect and need for many couples. Coaching is a need for all couples. A marriage coach joins you on part of your journey to help you move toward a great marriage.

What is your educational background?

In college I (Barb) was able to step into my passion as an artist and achieve a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from Drake University. I taught school, conducted private art lessons and to this day enjoy my Monday night art classes with a small group of friends focusing on portraiture.

After years of speaking, being a radio broadcaster and writing books I desired to learn more about how to come alongside couples with Gary to bring my God-given gift of encouragement to women. Therefore, in 2013 I pursued my credential as a life and marriage coach and am currently an Advanced Life and Marriage Coach through the International Christian Coaches Association. 

I (Gary) earned my BA at Drake in 1974 and worked in the field of adult corrections. As a manager I then pursued my MPA (Masters of Public Administration) and then ultimately my Ed.D. (doctorate in counseling). I had the privilege of counseling individuals and marriages for two decades conducting over 25,000 hours of counseling. As an author, radio broadcaster and communicator I was challenged by Barb in 2013 to follow her lead in pursuing a life and marriage coaching credential to coach marriages alongside her, my bride.

What are your practice specialties?

We are thrilled to step into this space to coach couples, facilitate small executive retreats and do corporate and platform speaking as a couple. For over 25 years we have had the honor and joy of speaking together to couples worldwide. Our passion for great marriages is foundational to our calling and this new three-pronged strategy of personal coaching, small retreats and platform events will use the gifts and talents we have honed over the decades of our marriage, through writing many books and living the life of a strong marriage and family.

Do you take insurance?

In a word, "no". Insurance does not cover life and marriage coaching.

What is your cancellation policy?

You must provide at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation unless it is an emergency. If you cancel for a reason that is not an emergency, you will be charged a cancellation fee of the full 70-90 minute session.

How does it work? 

Once we have mutually committed to a couples coaching relationship, we launch with a "house call" (intensive coaching session) in Des Moines, your hometown, or a third site we determine. You are responsible for all costs including: transportation, hotel, meals (for the Rosbergs and you), as well as the coaching fee. These house calls commence with dinner on Day 1, followed by 6 or so hours of coaching on Day 2, and up to 5 hours of coaching on Day 3. Following the house call, monthly 70-90 minute video conferencing sessions are scheduled throughout the year. Additional house calls often are scheduled as the couple desires during the coaching relationship.

We will get to know your goals, strengths, and areas you desire to improve. Each session will be unique whereby we will use excel uses, coaching assignments, dialogue, modeling, and accountability to affirm your desire to grow in your marriage.

How long does the coaching relationship last?

Typically, couples sign up for a 12 month time period, however, if either you as the couple or we as the coaches discern that it isn't a "good match" or it isn't working for some reason there will not be any contractual obligation to continue. At the end of the year we encourage couples to re-evaluate and discern if they want to "move on" to another coaching relationship or would like to continue for another period of time with us.

How do I get started?

It all starts with you filling out the initial contact form on this website. We just ask you for both your names, email addresses, subject you desire to seek our coaching on and a brief message of your desire to connect.

Once we receive your inquiry we will set up a time for a 15 minute phone or teleconference call (for executive coaching) convenient to each of us to get acquainted and to determine if we would like to proceed. If you are wanting to get started with an event or executive retreat, we will be in touch to go through the details of your event and determine availability and pricing.

If we go forward, then we will provide you an introduction packet of questionnaires, a schedule of coaching times, a fee agreement and general information. You will also begin with the RMAP (Rosberg Marital Assessment Program) that will help us gauge what the strengths and growth areas are in your relationships.

Do you do events?

Absolutely! One of our greatest joys is to coach from the platform whether it be in a small retreat for executive couples at a destination location or in a larger setting conducting a "date night" for a community, a marriage conference or as plenary speakers at corporate or organizational gathering.

Do you have resources?

Yes. We have authored over a dozen books including the Gold Medallion Winner 6 Secrets to a Lasting Love and the Gold Medallion finalist The 5 Love Needs of Men and Women. Our books are in 12 languages with 6 titles in Spanish and we have almost 1 million copies in print. We also have been featured in a number of DVDs including Marriage 101 andFamily 101.

What do you charge to speak at an event or host a group retreat?

Contact us and tell us more about your event or retreat and we'll work together to determine availability and fees.